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Welcome to The Naturalista Chronicles! I’m Tamia, a Naturalista who resides in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area.  I created this blog to express my love for natural hair, food, fashion and everything in between!

I embarked on my natural hair journey in early 2012.  I am not a licensed cosmetologist; my hair tips, advice and knowledge are based on my personal experiences that led me to healthy hair and successful hair growth.  By sharing my knowledge and experiences with my own hair, I hope to encourage, inspire and motivate ladies (and men) to embrace, love and learn their natural hair.

I’m also a foodie and I LOVE to cook and eat!  Cooking is therapeutic for me.  I love to get in the kitchen (with a glass of wine, preferably Pinot Noir :-)) and whip up yummy dishes with fresh ingredients.  I began cooking a lot more often after making some lifestyle changes and minimizing my intake of processed foods, and eating more whole grains, fruits, and veggies.  Check out my Cooking Chronicles posts for awesome recipes that are tasty yet easy on the waistline.

What’s a girl to do without a chic blazer, a colorful, eye-catching pair of skinny jeans and a sexy pair of heels?  How about an oversized graphic tee, high waist leggings and a hot pair of sneakers?  Whether I’m headed to the office, hitting the streets of DC, or a enjoying a night out with my Ladies, my style shall remain DOPE! Check out my Fashion Chronicles for my latest fashion finds and looks.

For the latest updates on my natural hair journey, cooking chronicles, fashion finds, day-to-day randomness, thoughts and adventures, be sure to follow The Naturalista Chronicles blog!  I’m also here to drop some knowledge, inspire, motivate, and encourage YOU to be YOU! I hope you enjoy!

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For inquiries: tamia1022@gmail.com

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