DIY Shoe Storage

A Shoe Lover + Minimal Closet Space = FRUSTRATION & SHOE CLUTTER!

I love a sexy pair of heels, unique eye catching sneakers, or a chic comfy pair of flats, but I have a MAJOR issue with shoe storage.  Closet space is pretty much non-existent in my house so I resorted to buying those expensive shoe containers ($2-$10 depending on the size of the shoes/boots) from the container store and stacking them against the wall in my bedroom to store my shoes.  Imagine buying shoe containers for 35+ pairs of shoes – you do the math!  It was just too damn expensive.  I also had the worst time retrieving my shoe of the day.  My containers were stacked vertically up against the wall, so when I wanted to get to a pair of shoes at the bottom of the stack really quickly it would end in a shoe avalanche! SMH

Thanks to good ole Pinterest  (WARNING:  This site is addictive!  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!) I found a great shoe storage option.  Convert an old bookcase into a shoe storage unit.  This is such an awesome idea for people who have lots of shoes, with limited closet space like myself.  I had an old cheap bookcase that I was planning to rid of, but instead I got rid of all of those containers and moved the bookcase upstairs against my bedroom wall.  This freed up soooo much space!

I have approximately 28 pairs of shoes stored on the bookcase (top row of shoes not visible in the pic).  Each shelf holds about 5 pairs of shoes.  They are extremely easy to access and it looks so much better than my old plastic container shoe wall.  Although I wasn’t able to store all of my shoes, I was able to store some of my favorites on the shelf.  The ones that didn’t make it on the shelf are stored in containers in the garage.  I still have plenty of space on the bookcase, so I plan to add 1-2 additional shelves to make room for this winter’s newbies!

My shoe lovers out there, how do you store your shoes?