Style Chronicles: Haus of Swag “Dope” Tees

1401656318082The Roots Picnic in Philly was the move this past weekend. My two P.I.C’s (Partners in Crime) and I decided to hop on the highway and head to Philly for the weekend to take in some good music, good vibes and authentic cheese steaks (I wasn’t too impressed *shrugs*). The weather was perfect…not too hot…not too chilly.

The Roots Picnic had an awesome lineup; however, it was crazy PACKED. This didn’t stop us, or any other festival goers, from rocking out to Action Bronson, Jhene Aiko, Janelle Monae, The Roots, Snoop Dog and many more. I also had the opportunity to connect with my Bestie and favorite New Yorker who drove down to the festival as well. On Sunday we decided to explore South Street and its eclectic and funky crowd. All and all…a good time was had this past weekend.

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Style Chronicles: Spring Has Sprung!


After battling this winter’s polar vortex, several crippling snow storms, unbearably cold temperatures and endless layers of clothing, I am ecstatic about spring! *INSERT HAPPY DANCE HERE* I’m pretty sure just about everyone can agree that this winter was an extremely brutal one, and the warm temps are a breath of fresh air. Bring on the sundresses, sandals and sunshine! Continue reading

Style Chronicles: KTR Collection

ktr4Hola Chicas!

Why not start this year off with some awesomeness for my fashion-lovers. I ran across the KTR Collection on Instagram and instantly fell in love with every single piece of clothing they offered. The designer puts together such sexy, chic and classy looks that instantly catch the eye. I absolutely LOVE her style! Her boutique offers dresses, two-piece skirt sets and mostly skirts, many of which can be custom-made to appease your desired length, size and color.

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Natural Hair + ETC Boutique Tees = One Dope Naturalista!


I am totally obsessed with ETC Boutique’s dope tees!  Yolanda Renee, owner and operator of ETC Boutique and Et Cetera Blog Magazine (also a fellow Naturalista, blogger and vlogger), did her thing when she created her line of tees that caters to the everyday Naturalista.  I absolutely love her style and her big hair!  Her tees are funky, stylish and can easily be dressed up or down. Her boutique also includes jewelry, totes and swimsuits. Check out the ETC Boutique and Et Cetera Blog Magazine HERE.

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Style Chronicles: Vegas Nights

Las-Vegas-Fountain-StripI spent the weekend in Vegas with an amazing group of people and was able to take part in a dear friend’s “Birthday Soirée”.  I’ll spare you all the juicy details of the drunken Karaoke Night at the House of Blues; late night pit stops at the Double Down Saloon to sample their famous “Ass Juice Shots” (don’t even ask); cabana-style lounging at Caesars Palace’s Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis; and the private dinner party shenanigans at Sugar Factory’s Chocolate Lounge.  Let’s just say I had an effin’ awesome time!  Hey…you know the saying…“What happens in Vegas…”.

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Style Chronicles: Springtime OOTD

photoshake_1367085035780-1Spring has finally sprung and the time has come for beautiful spring colors, flowing sun dresses and cute sandals.  This weekend I pulled out one of my favorite spring dresses and decided to dress it up with simple, yet chic, accessories.  Check out my outfit and style details below!

Dress:  I am in love with this dress and its color.  I purchased this coral “skater dress” from Boohoo Online Store.  Boohoo has stylish, good quality clothing for a very reasonable price.  I’m obsessed with this online store! Continue reading

Holiday Season Style Files

‘Tis the season…for Christmas parties, New Year’s celebrations and inaugural events!  This is definitely one of my favorite times of the year – family, friends, holiday cheer, food, and my Daddy’s spiked egg nog!  It’s also that time of the year when you’ll find me digging in the back of my closet for that perfect dress for the upcoming holiday celebrations.  Check out my style files for the upcoming holiday events that I’ll be attending. My motto when it comes to fashion:  “CLASSY, SASSY, BUT NEVER TRASHY!”

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DIY Shoe Storage

A Shoe Lover + Minimal Closet Space = FRUSTRATION & SHOE CLUTTER!

I love a sexy pair of heels, unique eye catching sneakers, or a chic comfy pair of flats, but I have a MAJOR issue with shoe storage.  Closet space is pretty much non-existent in my house so I resorted to buying those expensive shoe containers ($2-$10 depending on the size of the shoes/boots) from the container store and stacking them against the wall in my bedroom to store my shoes.  Imagine buying shoe containers for 35+ pairs of shoes – you do the math!  It was just too damn expensive.  I also had the worst time retrieving my shoe of the day.  My containers were stacked vertically up against the wall, so when I wanted to get to a pair of shoes at the bottom of the stack really quickly it would end in a shoe avalanche! SMH

Thanks to good ole Pinterest  (WARNING:  This site is addictive!  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!) I found a great shoe storage option.  Convert an old bookcase into a shoe storage unit.  This is such an awesome idea for people who have lots of shoes, with limited closet space like myself.  I had an old cheap bookcase that I was planning to rid of, but instead I got rid of all of those containers and moved the bookcase upstairs against my bedroom wall.  This freed up soooo much space!

I have approximately 28 pairs of shoes stored on the bookcase (top row of shoes not visible in the pic).  Each shelf holds about 5 pairs of shoes.  They are extremely easy to access and it looks so much better than my old plastic container shoe wall.  Although I wasn’t able to store all of my shoes, I was able to store some of my favorites on the shelf.  The ones that didn’t make it on the shelf are stored in containers in the garage.  I still have plenty of space on the bookcase, so I plan to add 1-2 additional shelves to make room for this winter’s newbies!

My shoe lovers out there, how do you store your shoes?