It’s a “Funky Frohawk” Kinda Day…

The “Funky Frohawk” is one of my favorite hairstyles.  It’s such a quick, cute and easy style. It allows you to achieve the mohawk look without cutting or shaving the sides of your head. It also allows your inner Punk-Rock Chick to peek out and rear her “Funky” head.  🙂

I wanted to rock something a little different, so I transformed my curly afro into a “Funky Frohawk” in about 5 minutes.  I used a soft bristle brush, a couple of hair pins,  four side combs and a dab of Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue.


I added a quarter-sized amount of Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue to the sides of my hair and lightly brushed them up for good firm hold (You can use any type of styling cream or gel with good hold).  I secured each side with a couple of side combs .  I then used the hair pins to secure any loose ends in the back.  Talk about quick and easy!

Here are the side combs I used.  You can get these at just about any beauty supply store.


Yep…that’s about it.  Now back to my glass of red wine and the “Snapped” marathon… 🙂

8 thoughts on “It’s a “Funky Frohawk” Kinda Day…

  1. That is a hot fro hawk!!! I actually tried to do one last night, but it was a huge fail. I think my hair is getting too long. It doesn’t really stand up.

    But this is an excellent look on you! I love it!

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