Beauty Chronicles: Nicka K. Cosmetics Lipstick Review

1360292893154-2I have a new found love for lipstick – highly pigmented, rich, moisturizing lipstick. I always played it safe and wore clear or colored lip gloss, and steered clear of lipstick.  It was just never my thing – until now. 🙂

After dishing out $18-$24 per tube for a few MAC lipsticks and feeling pretty “blah” about them, I decided to experiment with a less expensive brand that did not carry the notability, popularity or price tag of the MAC brand, but definitely showed up and showed out.  While catching up on a few of African Export’s awesome YouTube videos, I came across a  review on the Nick K. Cosmetics lipstick line. Anyone who keeps up with African Export knows that she experiments and reviews A LOT of different types of makeup and makeup lines.  She as well as a slew of her commenters raved about the Nicka K. lipstick line, so I was inclined to give it a try.

Nicka K. Cosmetics carry about 70 shades of lipstick and can be found at your local beauty supply store (bss) for $1 – $2 per tube.  Inexpensive, right?!  My local bss carried 40+ colors for $1.99 each so I picked up 9 different shades.  Not only was it time to go the cheaper route, it was also time to experiment with some different colors.



L to R:  Angora 936, Beach Fuchsia 800, Brilliant Fuchsia 906, Ruby Red 100, Black Orchid 302, Amethyst 901, Bordeaux 905, Bronze 904, Natural 934

I tried each color and my first impression…I’m sold!

Pros:  The lipstick is very moisturizing!  I was pleasantly surprised at just how moisturizing it was – no need to apply any lip balm, etc.!  The colors were very pigmented.  I did a few glides over each lip and the there was an immediate color burst.  Also, it’s pretty long-lasting.  I reapplied my lipstick every 3-4 hours, which isn’t too bad.  As previously mentioned, Nicka K. offers an array of colors that will suit all skin tones, so your pretty much guaranteed to find a shade that works for you.  Finally, you can’t argue with the price.  I purchased 9 tubes of lipstick for the price of one tube of MAC lipstick. Need I say more?!

Cons:  The only complaint I have is the packaging.  The actual plastic tube that holds the lipstick is very cheap.  The cover easily comes off, which can lead to a major mess if you don’t store it in a small tight space. I keep it in my little make-up bag and I haven’t had any lipstick boo-boos yet.

Trash it or stash it?  This lipstick has definitely been added to my stash.  It’s a very decent quality, affordable lipstick.  I actually love them!  I realize that the most expensive and popular makeup brands aren’t always the best.  You can definitely find some awesome inexpensive makeup brands that are just as good, if not better than the extremely popular brands.  With that said, I’ll definitely be expanding my Nicka K. lipstick collection.

A few of my faves:  Brilliant Fushia, Black Orchid and Ruby Red

Have you tried the Nicka K. Lipstick or any other products from its cosmetics line?  If so, how did you like it?

13 thoughts on “Beauty Chronicles: Nicka K. Cosmetics Lipstick Review

  1. I absolutely ♥ this line of lipstick! Ibhave a plenty colora myself and I try to encourage my friends that spend those high $ on MAC to get on board! Lol I think lots of ppl are sold on the MAC name brand tho..but im trying to tell thing whats good! Lol

  2. Awesome! I love all of those colors. I haven’t heard of this lipstick line, but I will definitely keep my eye out next time I’m in the store. I feel the same about some of MAC’s lip shades. Thanks for the review! 🙂

    • You are very welcome, Denise! 🙂 I think most women automatically flock to the MAC counter because it’s extremely popular. It really isn’t necessary to pay an arm and a leg for a lot of beauty products. You can get awesome results with some of the inexpensive cosmetics lines as well.

  3. Those are some very pretty shades! I may try some out on my own…even though I’m a MAC girl, I don’t mind stepping out to try something new 🙂

    • Yes you are! LOL. I stick with MAC when it comes to my mineral powder, eyebrow pencil and moisturizer; they are amazing! But I venture out when it comes to other products. I was not satisfied with my MAC lipsticks so I was on a mad hunt for something better. I haven’t totally given up on them. There are a few shades that I still want to try. I’ll eventually get around to it.

  4. I love the Nicka K line as I have used the Peach Beige for some time now. I will def. try the shades of your choice on this blog.

    I love your blog and I also follow you on IG.

  5. Hello! Omg! I can totally relate to this blog, Nicka K lipsticks are amazing! Black orchid is my absolute favourite and it lasts long. I also have the Brilliant Fuschia and Very Berry, which are also lovely shades. And u know what, some shades are usually suited for lighter skin, but in this line ALL shades look great on any skin tone! I was just browsing for an online store selling NK and I saw your blog. You have great taste! 🙂

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      I’m still working on my 8-9 tubes of lipstick and I must say, my feelings have not changed. I LOVE their lipstick! Brilliant fushia and black orchid are my are my favorites…and I gotta agree with you there, the colors are suited for ALL skin tones.

  6. I just picked up her new lipsticks. . .the Hydro Lipstick from my beauty store and WOW I love it. I’m actually on her site picking up a few more things because I tried some lip pencils too and they are just as great as the expensive stuff at buy at sephora and MAC thats js blah!!

  7. I love Nicka K lipsticks…great formula and who can beat the $.99 price tag. I was in the BSS on Saturday and she actually has a new lipstick line out. Different packaging. I think they were $4.99 and I’m sure I will be testing those out soon.

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