Product Review: As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner

I was a  little hesitant to try this product since I’m not an avid cowasher. I do not cowash my hair often, maybe once or twice a month at the most, when I’m short on time and my hair needs a quick refresher.  I’m not really the biggest fan of cowashing; it just doesn’t give my hair that clean, fresh feeling I get when I wash my hair with a good moisturizing shampoo.  The whole idea of washing the hair with conditioner is a little puzzling to me and I always felt that it contributed to product build-up and did not rid of it. What can I say? I love a nice sudsy shampoo that doesn’t strip the hair. That gives my hair the ultimate “clean” feeling.


Product Description:

“Cowashing is the way to cleanse your hair most of the time. It gently removes residue including all of the things you’ve used to style and maintain your coils and curls. Now it’s time for a new beginning. This light creamy conditioning lotion spreads easily throughout to cleanse your hair and scalp. Detangling is wonderfully easy and rinsing is too. And there’s much more. This cowash is different from any other because it contains a special blend of natural ingredients including saw palmetto and phytosterols that help promote healthy hair growth from the follicular level”

  • Creamy, no-suds moisturizing cleanser
  • Helps maintain, retain and add moisture – vital to your health and happiness of your coils and curls
  • Very economical, use it whenever you choose
  • Gentle enough for daily use
  • With tangerine, coconut oil, and castor oil


Cetyl Alcohol , Cetrimonium Chloride , Cetearyl Alcohol , PEG 40 Castor Oil , Stearalkonium Chloride , Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil , Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil , Phytosterols , Serenoa Serrulata Fruit Extract , Quaternium 10 , Potassium Sorbate , Fragrance , Limonene , Methylisothiazolinone

My Thoughts:

Disclaimer:  I am addicted to my hair streamer and I use my hair steamer with any and all types of conditioners. Therefore, these are my thoughts on the As I Am Coconut Cowash after a 20 minute steam session.  If you’d like more details on hair steaming and why I love it CLICK HERE.

I really like the consistency of this product. The As I am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner (whew…that’s a mouth full!) is thick, rich and creamy with a pleasant coconut scent. Thick creamy products tend to coat my hair strands very well. Upon applying a couple scoops of the product to my hair, I noticed that my hair immediately felt like butter.  My first impression: Hell yes, Hunny! *swings hair from side to side*.  I knew this was a sure sign that this would be a moisturizing cowash coniditioner, and my hair LOVES moisture. After evenly distributing the product throughout my hair, massaging the it into my roots and scalp and completing my steam session, I noticed how manageable my hair was and, dare I say, I could finger detangle my hair!  I rinsed the product out and was pleasantly surprised. My hair and scalp felt very clean, but not stripped at all.  My hair strands were extremely soft, moisturized and clean. It did not feel weighed down and there was no sign of product build up; just clean, refreshed kinks, curls and coils.  These were the exact characteristics I was looking for in a cowash cleansing conditioner. This product is the truth!

I purchased a 16 oz. jar of As I Am Coconut cowash for about $7 from Target.  That’s a reasonable price for a good amount of product.  I got about 6 applications out of the 16 oz. jar, which is great considering the large amount conditioner I tend to use on my hair.

Trash it or stash it?

Overall, I think that this is an awesome cowash cleansing conditioner. While many Naturalistas opt for just about any type of conditioner to cowash with, I definitely see myself using this, and only this, cleansing conditioner for cowashing.  Its combined cleansing and moisturizing properties make for an awesome cleansing conditioner that leaves the hair clean, soft and refreshed.  I give this product an A. Of course I won’t be dumping my shampoo for this, but I definitely plan to use it in between washes.

Hmmm, now I’m tempted to try more of As I Am’s hair products.

Have you tried the As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner?  What were your thoughts on the product?

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