Style Chronicles: Haus of Swag “Dope” Tees

1401656318082The Roots Picnic in Philly was the move this past weekend. My two P.I.C’s (Partners in Crime) and I decided to hop on the highway and head to Philly for the weekend to take in some good music, good vibes and authentic cheese steaks (I wasn’t too impressed *shrugs*). The weather was perfect…not too hot…not too chilly.

The Roots Picnic had an awesome lineup; however, it was crazy PACKED. This didn’t stop us, or any other festival goers, from rocking out to Action Bronson, Jhene Aiko, Janelle Monae, The Roots, Snoop Dog and many more. I also had the opportunity to connect with my Bestie and favorite New Yorker who drove down to the festival as well. On Sunday we decided to explore South Street and its eclectic and funky crowd. All and all…a good time was had this past weekend.

Alright…enough of my rambling…let’s get to the good stuff. I thought this past weekend was the perfect time to rock one of my favorite tees. I ran across Haus of Swag , an online boutique, while on Instagram and fell in love with their street chic tees. I also loved the vision behind the brand.

Our tees have got something to say, and our message is clear, ‘Sisters are doing it for themselves and we are on top of our game’.

Yes, yes and yes! I absolutely love seeing my fellow sisters encouraging each other to strive for nothing short of greatness, and maintain your confidence, style, individuality and “dopeness” while doing so. I couldn’t help but support this brand and purchase a couple of tees.

The “I Am One Dope Chick” tee is my absolute favorite tee…and let’s just be honest…it’s so fitting :-). This particular tee is a good quality, loose-fitting, off-shoulder style that comes in an array of colors to suit your taste.




Embrace your “DOPENESS”!  🙂

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