Traveling Chronicles: Welcome to Thailand Pt. 3


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

I got a lot of weird looks and interesting questions when I talked to friends, family, coworkers, etc. about my plans to vacation in Thailand. There was a lot of “Why are you going there?”, “Black people don’t visit places like that.” and “What would you possibly want to see and do there?”. I’ve come to realize that traveling and exploring the world is not for everyone. A lot of people barely make it outside of their home state, so venturing outside of the States to Asia is beyond comprehension for some. While the Mr. and I got weird looks when discussing our travel plans, we chuckled on the inside and realized that our minds’ curiosity stretched far beyond our birth place, the neighboring cities and partying in Vegas every chance we get. The desire to explore, experience different people and cultures, and see some world outside of our “norm” is far more intriguing and satisfying….and we are “a okay” with that. 🙂

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Traveling Chronicles: Welcome to Thailand Pt. 2


Thailand has so much to offer! I’d done a good amount of research prior to our trip and was adamant about planning a few excursions outside of the city. I really wanted to experience some of the great things that Thailand had to offer outside of Bangkok. There’s so much to do and see, and while I wanted to do and see everything, time just wouldn’t allow it.  We decided on a full day tour that included the floating market, a tour of the war cemetery and bridge over the River Kwai, Tiger Temple and the elephant park. Continue reading

Traveling Chronicles: Welcome to Thailand Pt. 1


I have a serious love affair with traveling. I boarded a plane headed to Kenya, Africa a few months after graduating college and never looked back. I took a job as an auditor at a black-owned Accounting firm in Washington, D.C. and had no clue that this job would ignite a traveling bug in me that I never knew existed. If you would have asked me if I was interested in traveling the world prior to graduating college, I’m sure I would have replied with a simple “Nah…not really”. But after taking my first job and connecting with several other auditors/avid travelers and hearing their travel stories, I was ready to hit the road…and I did just that. Continue reading